How it Works

Expenses & Insurance

After initial contact is made with me, I will forward your contact info/delivery inquiry to all the Captains in the Collective, at which point any interested and available Captains will contact you for more information and if you’re wanting to move forward they will put together a written estimate. Even if you’re just thinking about buying a boat and wanting to see how much it would cost to be delivered don’t hesitate to reach out to us for an estimate. Also, depending on the trip a handful to an empty handful of Captains will reach out to you (we do not sell your information, nor bother you) .Each Captain sets their own labor rate, has their own personality, can provide their own crew or would be happy to train you or have you as a crew member on the boat, and has different preferences of what type of boat or what type of trip they’re looking for, so you just decide who seems like the best fit. All of the Captains have 100 plus ton USCG Captain’s licenses, countless years of experience, great references, and are friendly, loyal, honest, and dependable, and have a passion for the sea.

All actual expenses for air travel, ground transportation, fuel, boat expenses, onboard food, and provisions are the responsibility of the owner. The owner is to contact his insurance company and provide the Captain with a copy of his insurance policy showing that the policy is current and that I am insured to deliver his boat. The owner is also to provide our Captain with enough money prior to leaving to cover the cost of estimated expenses for the trip plus 50% of their estimated fees. The Captain will provide a free written estimate. If you accept the estimate they will then provide you a contract for both parties to sign if it’s agreed upon. The Captain will provide receipts for all major expenses with the understanding that they sometimes cannot get a receipt for cash expenses. Your insurance company will require that you have a licensed qualified experienced offshore Captain and crew to deliver your boat. The Captains in the Collective should never be turned down by any insurance company.

Communications, Weather

The Captain will check e-mail their email/phone at each stop and will keep in touch and update you on their progress. The Captain will usually charge a full day’s rate for layovers due to mechanical or weather delays. However, let me say that weather delays are very infrequent. We make a living on the ocean, so large seas, rain, etc. and are not unusual to them, and they do their best to keep you updated on how the trip is going.


We are very good at normal maintenance and repair of typical diesel engine issues. If you have a good set of tools and parts on the boat we can usually repair most typical issues. However, if you prefer that we hire a professional mechanic we’ll be happy to do so, as we carry a $5,000 policy with Sea Tow which is effective on most vessels in the US. We do urge all boat owners to have their boat inspected by a mechanic prior to a long trip. The main issue is usually involving dirty fuel and fuel filters and when we get offshore the trash is stirred up and gets into the fuel lines. This requires that we change filters frequently. The other issues are impellers, belts, hoses and lights. A good inspection prior to our arrival will save us time and you money.

Completion of Delivery

Your Captain will return your boat even cleaner than or as clean as they found it. It will be properly tied up, and locked up at the dock or mooring of your choice. Payment is due in full upon completion of the delivery.

Booking the Trip

Advance booking is always the best, however many of our trips are short notice, so do not hesitate
to contact us whether you need the boat delivered in 6 days or 6 months we will try our best to
accommodate you!

Boat Owners and their families are always welcome. If you or your representative would like to go on
the delivery let me know.

captainpete@2019How it Works