FT. Lauderdale, FL Keys to Chesapeake Grand Banks Trawler

This trip began in January in Ft Lauderdale. It consisted of many legs, the first of which went to the FL Keys. Next we went north up the ICW, with a few days on the outside, to Vero Beach. Eventually we went all the way up the ICW to the meeting of the Great Loop Cruiser’s Association in Beaufort, SC.

The Grand Banks 46′ Europa is an incredible trawler in which to run the Loop. It is very comfortable, easy to handle, and capable of 24 knots if you need it. The Intra Coastal Waterway is an incredible journey.The scenery changes with every turn. Fl, GA, SC, NC all have their individual characteristics that will keep you coming back for more. Bob, the owner of this boat is an exceptionally fun guy to cruise with. He is currently cruising in the Northeast and will complete the Loop next year.

I have since traveled the ICW many times and it still fascinates me. I have enjoyed the wildlife and the many twists and turns on this waterway. It can be slow and sometimes confusing if you have not run it before. I often think you are exposed to more danger on the ICW than offshore due to shallow water and frequent turns and changes. You have to pay attention. The Intracoastal Waterway is still an enjoyable trip

captainpete@2019GRAND BANKS 48′ ICW